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About Susan

B.S. in Education, University of Nebraska.
Extensive training in the use of Facilitated Attuned Interaction (FAN) as a model of support for families with challenging infants.
2010-2023: Program Manager, Fussy Baby Network Colorado, UC Anschutz
2009 to present: Authored and teaches a unique infant care curriculum for parents planning to adopt an infant.
2009 to present: Susan created a unique model of interactive and parent-centered respite care that provides services for families with an infant or toddler that has delays, disabilities, serious illness or issues from prematurity.
Presented Nurturing Newborns model of respite care at the ARCH National Respite Conference in September 2022
Susan created and developed a small business that has supported more than 250 families with a fragile child since 2008.
Susan developed an Infant Care Curriculum that she teaches to families in the Denver area that are in the process of adopting an infant. More than 150 adoptive families have learned about the basics of infant care and what to expect as they make this step to become parents.


Nurturing Newborns believes in collaboration with other professionals in the community in order to best support young children and their families. Examples of our collaboration include:
Nurturing Newborns provides information, case studies and education to therapists, case managers and educators on the benefits of in-home respite care to caregivers of fragile children. We highlight the need for respite care and brainstorm ways to fulfill this need in our community.
We collaborate with other organizations in our community to support, encourage and empower parents and caregivers of fragile children.

Awards and Accomplishments

Easter Seals/Colorado Respite Coalition Grant Recipient, 2019, 2020, 2022, 2023.
Nurturing Newborns was named one of the most INNOVATIVE RESPITE PROGRAMS in the nation in 2020 and 2023 by ARCH National Respite and Resource Center.
Nurturing Newborns was granted non-profit status by the IRS in September of 2023. (EIN 92-2626959)
Daniels Fund Grant Recipient
Jefferson County Mill Levy Grant Recipient
Local Walmart Grant Recipient (2)
Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Million Dollar Life Grant Recipient
Colorado Respite Coalition Grant, 2023

Our Leaders

Terri Kellogg

Terri Kellogg is the Financial Manager and Executive Assistant at Nurturing Newborns. Her responsibilities include billing, invoicing, managing funding and relationships with funding sources, and assisting Susan with day-to-day operations. Terri and her husband are the parents of 5 boys. In her free time, she enjoys baking, being outside and watching baseball.

Pamela Young
Pamela Young

Pamela Young is an RN with a BSN in Nursing. She is the Respite Manager at Nurturing Newborns and has been working with fragile children and their families for more than 20 years. She provides intake services and supervision of respite care providers as well as being a liaison between respite providers and the families they care for. She believes strongly in the parent-child relationship and works to support that relationship through quality respite care. Pamela resides in Centennial, Colorado and enjoys spending time with her family.


Respite Care Providers

Nurturing Newborns, LLC currently has 18 respite care providers that work in the homes of families caring for an infant or toddler with delays, disabilities, serious illness, or complications of prematurity. They provide part-time support for parents and caregivers so that they can pause, practice self-care, and seek mental health support.

Who receive extensive training in the model of respite care at Nurturing Newborns and receive on-going supervision from our Respite Manager.

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What our clients say

“Babies are such a nice way to start people.”