Respite is defined as, “a short period of rest or relief from something difficult”.

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Our Goals​​

Nurturing Newborns uses a specific model of interaction in homes that focuses on increasing the capacity of caregivers and encouraging parents in their role. We work closely with parents to provide specialized care of their fragile child so that they can take a break, seek mental health support, practice self-care or spend time with other family members.

How is this done?​​

Referrals to Nurturing Newborns come from community support services for children such as medical providers, therapists, and early interventionists. Following the referral, the staff at Nurturing Newborns meets with the family to learn more about their child and their needs for respite care. A respite provider is assigned to support the family and they work directly with parents to schedule part time respite care in their home.

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How is this funded?​​

95% of the families we serve do not pay out of pocket for respite care. Nurturing Newborns partners with community support services and other charitable organizations that support children to provide respite care to families free of charge.

Families can also self-pay for respite care.

This is Respite care​​

Caring for a premature infant and her sibling while a mother receives therapy for post-partum anxiety.
Working together with a single mom of premature twins to help babies sleep.
Playing with a toddler who has physical delays while parents spend time with other children.
Giving foster parents a much-needed break while caring for a toddler with a history of trauma.
Taking the time to build the confidence of a new mom of a baby born at 32 weeks.
Collaborating with other providers to provide support to families with fragile children.


Hear from our families.​

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