Respite Care Case Study

Respite is defined as, “a short period of rest or relief from something difficult”.


Family Information:​

Two children, ages 5 months and 2 years.
Both children born premature, the 2-year-old has developmental delays, and the 5-month-old uses oxygen.
The family has recently moved and has no family support.
Parents feel overwhelmed and are financially stressed.
Mother needs help with her medically fragile children during appointments for their health and developmental needs. She also needs time for self-care.
Mother suffers from postpartum depression.
Father works full time to support the family.

Goals and Needs

Nurturing Newborns gathered information about the family from social workers, case managers and therapists at Rocky Mountain Human Services.
Nurturing Newborns staff met with the family to determine “goodness of fit” for our unique services, assign a respite provider and review the specific needs in this home.
Working together, the staff at Nurturing Newborns and the parents decided that two half days of support every week in the home would be appropriate. Mother could go to appointments, do household tasks, take advantage of counseling, and rest.
This family qualified for respite funding through Rocky Mountain Human Services (, and they also completed an application for respite funding through Colorado Respite Coalition (
The provider helped with small household tasks including laundry and meal preparation so that the mom could take a break and continue mental health treatment.
The parents were able to practice self-care knowing that their children were cared for by providers with specialized experience in the care of fragile little ones.

End of day...:

Favorite part of what you do:

NN final interview:

What our clients say

“Babies are such a nice way to start people.”