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Nurturing Newborns

November 25, 2023

Dear Friends,

In this season of giving and supporting those in need, I want to introduce you to a non-profit organization that I am fortunate to be a part of. Nurturing Newborns has been providing specialized respite care in the Denver metro area and Boulder County for more than 15 years. They recently obtained non-profit status.

Nurturing Newborns provides respite care in the homes of families of infants and toddlers ages 0-3 with delays, disabilities, issues from prematurity and serious illnesses. This short term, in-home service allows parents and caregivers time and space to seek mental health support, spend time with other family members, and take a break from a stressful situation. Many of these families lack positive support systems and the skills needed to manage an extremely challenging situation. Through quality respite care, Nurturing Newborns supports and nurtures the parent-child relationship and helps in the fight against child abuse and neglect.

“They always make sure my children and I are great in every way possible. I have been suffering with postpartum depression for months and they’ve understood me in every way. I’ve felt very comfortable talking to them about this journey while depression is a big factor in it. They’ve helped me grasp daily duties with my kids while I take a moment for myself, and try to not let go of myself in this depression.” Beatriz

Currently, there is an urgent need for funding for respite care for these fragile families in our community. The unique in-home services Nurturing Newborns provides to infants, toddlers and their families are very much in demand. Nurturing Newborns’ caseload has increased by more than 43% from the end of 2022 to November 2023. Many of these families are on a waitlist for respite care services due to lack of funding.

Please consider making a year-end donation to this unique and extraordinary non-profit. I am continually inspired and uplifted by the services they provide to the most vulnerable children and families in our community and the changes they help to foster within the family unit.

“Rose came to our home and did something completely unexpected. She loved my children like her own. She has become such a special part of our family, the grandma we chose! She has given me support in ways we couldn’t have asked for. This has changed everything, so much so we went from not being sure we would make it to the next week, to committing to being a permanent option for our beloved, but high needs foster child. We are forever grateful.” Rebecca


Linda Peotter
Board Chairwoman
Nurturing Newborns

Use this secure link for access to the Nurturing Newborns donation page:

Donations by mail may be sent to:
Nurturing Newborns
6140 S Gun Club Rd. STE K6
Box #144
Aurora, Co. 80016

What our clients say

“Babies are such a nice way to start people.”