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A pep talk

A pep talk

12 years ago I let my two best girlfriends talk me into participating in a triathlon. While I happened to marry and then give birth to athletes, I have no gifts in that area whatsoever. Through sheer stubbornness, stupidity and support from my girlfriends, I completed a total of three sprint distance triathlons. It wasn’t pretty and it certainly wasn’t fast, but I did it!

Every week I talk with parents of infants who are questioning their ability to parent affectively. Even experienced parents can be totally befuddled by baby #2. There are many reasons for this. Too much information, too little information, inappropriate information, know-it-all relatives information, perfect friend information or being just plain tired can really mess with parents brains.

Listen up, parents. Watch your baby, not the computer monitor. Your baby is human and so are you. Trust your instincts. Seek positive support. Try things more than once. Work as a team. Simply and totally love your screaming, spitting, not sleeping, pooping, hitting baby. You can do it!

Happy Parenting,