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Favorite weather month


June is my favorite weather month in Colorado. Cool nights and long, warm, (not too warm), sunshiny days make life in this beautiful state a wonderful experience. Life in the summertime with a baby can also be a wonderful experience.

Here are some of my favorite “summer life with baby” experiences:

  • Baby bare feet. Who can resist kissing them?
  • No coat needed. Moms are coat hangers. It’s nice to be free of that responsibility for a season.

  • Popsicles. Need I say more?

  • Plastic baby pools. I can’t think of a cheaper form of fun in the summer. It feels good on big people toes too.

  • Sleeping baby in a diaper only. Awwww.

  • Baby sun hats. I didn’t think you could make a baby cuter, but somehow sun hats manage to do the trick!

  • Relatives visiting. Always great to have an extra set of hands around.

  • Stroller naps. This is always good for a late afternoon fussy gussy.

  • The sweet smell of sweaty babies.

  • Pool time=Bath time. The garden hose works well for cleansing too.

You may have noticed I have not included in this blog my non-favorite “summertime life with baby” experiences. Let’s not go there just yet. Winter will be here soon enough.