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Fostering the Foster Parent


Nurturing Newborns, LLC, is honored to be able to support foster families in Colorado. We provide specialized respite care for infants and toddlers that have found safety and solace in a loving foster home. Several counties in the Denver metro area recognize the need for respite care and occasionally fund the services we provide.
A good foster parent is tough, patient, and as resilient as the children they take into their homes. They see a future where no one can. They see possibilities and most importantly, hope.
They also have limits. Limits of time, dollars, and hands. They are frustrated, exhausted, overwhelmed and at times, very, very sad.
Most communities don’t have enough foster parents to meet the needs of children in crisis. And some foster homes are not a welcoming place for children. Quality foster parents are desperately needed.
The respite care that we provide at Nurturing Newborns to foster families focuses on quality care of fragile children while working to relieve the burden of care for foster parents.  We work side-by-side with foster parents to meet the needs of infants and children who were born with neonatal abstinence syndrome, serious health issues and delays or have suffered abuse and neglect. Providing respite care in these homes gives foster parents the space needed to practice self-care as they parent the smallest and most vulnerable members of our society.
We are amazed (every time!) by the sacrifice and love these remarkable foster parents shower on children who are broken and often challenging to care for. These special parents need a break. At Nurturing Newborns, we will continue to foster the foster parents and advocate for them and the special children they serve.