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Respite 101


Let’s take a break, a breather, a moment for ourselves. As a parent, this isn’t so easy. And for the parent of a special needs baby, the thought of taking a moment for themselves can bring on feelings of guilt, fear and panic.

Every day I have the privilege to see in to the lives of families that are making huge sacrifices to care for their special children. It is heart-warming and inspiring to watch. But what happens when the parents need care? How can these special parents continue to nurture and care for their special children when they have not been nurtured themselves?

Imagine being young, alone, unable to work, without a positive support system and giving birth to premature twins who have special needs. Imagine adding homelessness to this complicated situation. Imagine the dreams and hopes you have for your children and for your new little family.

Being the parent of a special needs “little” means sacrifice, unbelievable stress and worry. These parents need self-care and nurturing. They need something as simple as a solo trip to the grocery store or something more complicated as mental health support. And, most importantly, they need someone qualified and competent to care for their special child while they care for themselves.

Nurturing the entire family is our specialty. It isn’t easy and it isn’t for the faint of heart. But at Nurturing Newborns and Families, LLC we embrace this challenge and we embrace these parents and children. It is our privilege.