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Clutter, Redefined

Clutter, Redefined

I’ve recently (and not so recently) been laid up with one back or hip thing after another. It is an ongoing and uphill battle, but my independence and mobility are important. So, onward, ho! Which means, looking toward uncharted territories with anticipation and hope. Who knew that clutter could provide anticipation and hope. Here’s how.

We purchased this refrigerator in 2006, frantically in May, two days before Sam’s graduation party to replace an older model that decided it no longer wanted to host a party. Two weeks ago, I noticed that the wood floor felt squishy in front and to the side of this appliance. Yes, the water line had been leaking for a while, and like a thief in the night it was creeping under our hardwood floor. So, following an expensive repair, we hugged and made up, as this picture might indicate. Floor repair yet to be dealt with. It has given me time to think about my fridge front and what is the best way to manage the clutter.

According to the decorating and Zen experts, your appliances and kitchen in general should be unencumbered by papers, non-decorative pictures, important sticky notes, or God forbid, magnets from your favorite vacation spots. (Someone should have mentioned this to the designers in the 80’s that put a desk in the kitchen. What?)

I have tried uncluttered fridge fronts and cluttered fridge fronts. I work mostly from home, and as a social person, I have decided that my fridge front can provide a much-needed break in my day. Yes, I am on my phone and yes, I am on my computer, so stimulation is available. But when I pause to check the freezer for mystery meat for dinner, I want to see my favorite things, my favorite people, my favorite memories. Clutter is welcome here.

We meet a lot of families at Nurturing Newborns that have very cluttered lives. Twins on oxygen, an autistic two-year-old, or a parent with extreme anxiety can all create physical and emotional clutter. Our respite providers jump in, head and heart first, to nurture, encourage and love these parents and their children, in any given moment. I am proud of how these amazing women welcome, manage and redefine the clutter as action, steps forward and survival.

If you have a moment while you are managing the clutter in your life, check out our website, nurturingnewborns.com. We have some “redefined clutter” in the form of a website update coming soon. We are making space for kid drawings and vacation magnets. What’s not to love about that?

Happy Parenting,