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Vacation Sleep Equations


As a sleep consultant, I have heard lots of sad and dysfunctional sleep stories this summer from families while they were vacationing. In fact, I never encourage sleep training right before or right after a vacation. The word vacation is a secret code to all little people that means “stay awake at all costs”. It has been this way since the beginning of time and I see no signs of change ahead.

Family vacations with four little ones have been some of the best days of my life. Please don’t think that the equations I am sharing mean you shouldn’t vacation with babies. After a couple of weeks, 6 months tops, you will be looking at your vacation pics and not even remember the lack of sleep.

  • Five minutes from destination=time to fall asleep
  • Time to fall asleep=necessary bathroom stop

  • Hotel beds=trampolines

  • One person asleep=all persons asleep

  • One person awake=all persons awake

  • Everyone sleeping in one room=Mom nursing baby in the bathroom

  • Everyone sleeping in one room=automatic party

  • Long naps in the car=late nights at Grandma’s

  • Time change=huge problems

  • Double beds=minimum 3 family members

  • Lack of sleep=fond memories

I hope my children don’t remember being tired on family vacations. Instead, I hope they remember the quality time spent together, visiting loved ones and learning about the world. This is time well spent. We have plenty of time in our life to sleep.